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Bali: The Island of the Gods

With colorful, spiritual and unique culture, Bali is the most popular travel destination in Indonesia. You will find plenty of reasons to visit it. Whether you are a cultural day-tripper, adventure seeker, diving lover or peacekeeper, Bali has everything. Here, explore yourself in the dense jungles, dive into beautiful waters, surf at white-sand beaches, take an adventures trip to the rugged volcanic mountains, plunge deep into Bali’s spirit at its ancient monuments and historical temples and finally, enjoy the nightlife full of bars and shopping malls. Indonesia’s Bali Island is a popular tourist destination. The watershed of the waters, the thick forests of the island, have increased the beauty of the island.

Bali is surrounded by Nusa Penita, Nusa Lembongan, the Sinenan Islands. Java in the west, and the Lombard Islands in the east. Most of the island is a Hindu minority. So here’s the Indian culture.

Accommodation in Bali

This tiny land has a myriad of options for accommodation. Bali is crammed with hotels, resorts, villas and guest houses. One needs to be wise to choose accommodation in Bali naturally as this place offers the great range of activities. Get great deals on hotels in Bali,  Book online, pay at the hotel. Read hotel reviews and choose the best hotel deal for your stay.

South West Bali, Kira, and Legian are the places for beach fun and party lovers while Seminyak, Kerobokan, Canggu are for a lavish family friendly stay. And if you are in seek of renewing yourself in the spiritual environment,Ubud is the right place for you. Book cheap hotels in Bali with best price discount.

Sanur of South West Bali is another great option if you want to stay away from the crowds and find peace. For beach front resorts, water sports activities and sea food, Bukit Peninsula of South Bali is highly advisable. Nusa Dua, Tenjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Balangan and Padang Padang are some of the famous destinations here.

Bali: Travel guide

Places to Visit
• Tanah Lot Temple
• Besakih Temple
• Uluwatu Temple
• Tegallalang Rice Terraces
• Jatiluwih Rice terraces
• Ubud Art Market
• Ubud monkey Forest
• Bali Safari and Marine Park
• Kintamani and Mount Batur
• Goa Gajah

Thousands of couples visit the day as the Asian Honeymoon destination. Bali is a place where love is heard. You do not need to visit this place for other foreign trips. It is one of the reasons for drawing tourists. Here is the specialty of getting steamed foods in low taxes. On the seashore, sit down the lake and enjoy dinner. Here, Indonesia and Chinese cuisine can make spa, massage, and help with Tourist Guide, which can be found in beautiful places.

What to Eat
• Pisang Goreng
• Mie Goreng
• Nasi Goreng
• Babi Guling
• Sate
• Nasi Campur
• Bebek Betutu
• Mini Rijsttafel
• Gado-Gado
• Spring Rolls

Plan your Travel

How to get there
The well connected Ngurah Rai International Airport is located in South Kuta District and 13 kilometers away from Denpasar, the Capital of Bali. Online luxury hotel booking in Bali.

Best Time to Visit

May-July is considered to bethe best time to visit this natural beauty. But if you want to experience some of the world’s best waves, May-October would be a better choice.

Things to Pack
• Sarongs (A Hindu Temple requirement to get in for Men)
• Beach Bags and Beach wear
• Sunglasses
• Flip-Flop/ sandals
• Evening dresses
• Toiletries
• Sun Screen Lotion, Mosquito repellant, and other protective items
• Handmade jewellery

This area is in accordance with the belief that God should be seen in nature. Bali is an island that is attractive to God. The temple is located at Thampak Cering in the Manukia province near Ubud, and is a popular tourist destination for the people of Bali. The Bali Coral (Coral) region includes the diversity of the sea. In the Hindus there is a belief that the body of the spray bath in the water of the bath will also purify my mind with my mind.