Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin, Hair, And Health

Amazing uses of Aloe Vera for Hair, Skin and Weight-Loss

The most demanding Aloe vera or maize plant in Ayurveda is amino acids, vitamins A, F, C and b.
If the fluid type of liquid in the molten leaf is burned to any parts of the body immediately after injury, the pain and inflammation of the wound may be reduced shortly.
Skin is very beneficial in skin care. If the face, black art, and acne appear on the face of the molten gel for up to a month, the art, the wrinkle disappears and the new radiance disappears.
Molassed gel is good for dry skin. Wash it with a few minutes before making your face makeup and then make-up.
When men are shaving, injuries can lead to pain, injury, and blood transfusions. Winter skin is dry and dry. Then wash the liquid with the honey and apply it on the face and wash it after 15 minutes.
If the fat is stored in the body or if the pregnant women have a line on the stomach, the lining of the lungs in the area will gradually disappear.
If people with acidity problems eat molten liquids in the empty stomach early in the morning, the problem will be reduced.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera

* If burned by chance, immediately rubbing the juice will get cold and no bumps.

* Wash the lambs with half a hour and make the hair grow lush and the head bran also decreases.

* If the flesh is consumed, hemorrhage can cause gastric ulcer.

* The leaves are dried and chopped and added to the chili peppers and put on the hair and bathed after half an hour, so the hair becomes soft and shiny.

* The headache will be healed if you take a pinch on a piece of cloth and put a cloth on a half-bed rest.

* A spoon of cardamom, truffle and hot water can be applied by drinking alcohol.

* The use of molasses juices as a shaving cream is softened by the skin.

* Good medicine for dermatitis.

* Bed Soor means sleeping and tearing off the skin. At that time, the juice of the flesh is dry.

* The juice of the body’s inflamed parts will gradually become swollen.

* The juice is faced with a face wash.

* Low levels of molasses can increase the immune system.

* Apply the fenugreek seeds in the juice for two days and then sprout and dry and put in coconut oil. Wearing oil everyday makes the scalp cool and the hair grows smooth and darker.

Arthritis: The sovonier in the bones causes pain in the joints when dry, causing arthritis. This factor prevents the bones from eroding. But if this factor drys, the pain is burning. The fungus anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory factor in mucosa answers the problem. To get an effective answer to arthritis, 2 spoon looser should be taken three times a day. It should take about 30 minutes before dinner. Also, this pain can be reduced to a painful place, resulting in less pain in the month. * Diabetes: A study conducted by a University of Bangkok found that diarrhea can reduce diarrhea. About 72 patients who did not take insulin into two groups were given 1 month for a group of 15 ml of molasses twice a day. Another group continued to treat drugs. When these two groups were tested after treatment, 43 percent of those who consumed molasses were found to have low sugar levels. * Blood pressure: Low blood pressure lowers mucosa. Alzers can also reduce the risk of acid in the stomach and blood and help to reduce blood pressure indirectly. This herb will also strengthen blood vessels. Apart from these, there are many benefits in molasses. If you are constantly consuming maize, the immune system will not get close to the disease.

1.Choose care: Wash mashed juice with hair and hair and wash it in warm water for 10 minutes after 10 minutes. As a result of this, hair loss will stop and increase the growth and glow the hair.
Facial radiance: Washing the salad juice once a week in the face for 1/2 hours after washing with warm water increases the skin’s brilliance.
3. Skin: Those with dry skin have to add mashed juice with turmeric twice a day; Wash with warm water after 1/2 hours.
4.Close Injury: The burning of mucous membranes immediately burns to burn.
5.Clear inflammation: The diarrhea of ​​the diabetic patients can be diverted to the feet and palms. Because it is likely to be cold, it is best to put it in the afternoon instead of overnight.