Buy Massage Chairs Online at Best Price in India

There are few things more relaxing and refreshing than a good massage. Let’s face it, it’s expensive and time consuming to head to the spa every weekend, so why not bring the spa home? Electric massage chairs take the place of a person and provide the same relief as a hands-on massage, but without the high price tag. The hardest part of buying a massage chair is choosing which one to purchase, because there are so many amazing features, it can be hard to pick. It’s best to compare the features of each chair and what they offer for your specific needs.A massage chair is truly a luxury item. It’s like having a spa right at home, that you can use whenever you want.

If you don’t already know, a massage chair is a mechanical chair that uses technology, air bags, and other functions to massage your whole body. You just have to sit in it, select your settings, and you get your own custom massage!

They’re a must-have for your home. In this post, I’m going to show you 10 top-rated massage chairs you can buy online in India.

Massage Chair Buying Guide

Because massage chairs still have not caught on in India, and not many people use them, you probably have a lot of questions about them. And I’m here to answer them!
It’s important to have all the information you need before making a big purchase like that.

Types Of Massage Chairs
One of the most basic things to know about massage chairs is the different types. Each type offers a specific kind of massage. Here are the main ones:

Shiatsu Massage Chair – This is a unique type that gives a Shiatsu massage, which is a form of massage that originated in Japan. It targets pressure points across the body. It’s said to reduce pain and induce relaxation.

Reclining Chair – Almost all modern massage chairs have a reclining position, because of how effective it is. When we’re in a reclined position, we feel more relaxed. Massage chairs can offer varying degrees of reclines; check the product details to find out.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair – A massage chair with the Zero Gravity function is one that reclines back to a certain level that you almost feel weightless. That’s where the term “zero gravity chair” comes from. It helps you reach a high level of relaxation and good circulation.

Vibrating Chair – This is the most basic kind of massage chair; all mechanical chairs on this list have this feature. It just means that it electronically vibrates in order to give you the feeling of a massage.

The Heat is On
For a real treat, a heated massage chair is truly indulgent. If you use a heating pad on your back sometimes, or your neck, you understand how heat can ease muscle pains. Imagine an entire chair that feels as good as your heating pad does! Sink into a soft massage chair and turn on the heat to beat muscle pain. Rollers in the chair work to release muscle strain and stress while you enjoy heat settings you can control. Adjust the intensity of your massage along with the heat to customize your experience.

Advantages Of Having A Massage Chair

If you’ve never owned a massage chair before, you might be thinking “how exactly will it help me?”.

Well, there are a lot of advantages to having a massage chair at home. Here are just a few of them:

Stress relief – Of course, the main reason that people get any kind of massage is for stress relief. The daily stress of life can really get to you – from work, school, relationships, and commitments. Sometimes you just need to wind down, and massage chairs help with that. Studies show that getting massages relieves you of stress. This gives you more energy and thoroughly improves your outlook on life.

Better posture – There is a significant discussion about how massages can lead to better posture. This is certainly true if it’s done in the right way. When you’re getting a massage, posture is an important focus. And massage chairs are well-versed in this. Using a massage chair regularly will make you feel more relaxed and flexible. This leads to improved posture. You’ll find that you sit up straight, don’t slouch, and don’t roll your shoulders forward. All of these happen by specific techniques present in all the massage chairs listed here.

Chronic pain relief – A big reason that people buy massage chairs is that they experience chronic pain, usually in their joints, back, or neck. If you’re afflicted with a pain like this, then you need a massage chair at home, so that you can get massage therapy anytime, without having to go to a clinic or spa. Many studies show that massage therapy is effective in reducing and alleviating chronic pain. While most of these studies were performed with a human massage, it’s the same with a massage chair. A massage chair nearly replicates how an actual massage from a person feels.

Improved circulation – After you use a massage chair for a while, you find that your blood circulation has improved. You can tell because you feel more active and awake. This is a common side effect of a massage, and it works especially well with the Zero Gravity massage chair function. This is an especially good advantage for people who don’t get enough exercise, or who can’t leave the house often. Getting a regular massage will make you feel more active and it will get your blood moving.

Most people seeking a massage chair are looking for relief from tight back and shoulder muscles. This means the chair should have rollers that rub and massage the back. If you’re looking for a chair that focuses on back pain, these are more affordable than full body massagers. They apply pressure at certain points on your back to loosen up knots and relieve aches and pains. There are many styles and brands available, including microfiber chairs or leather designs, and popular brands include Panasonic, Brookstone, and HoMedics.

Work That Body
A full body massage not only ensures less back pain, but helps reduce leg, arm, and even foot pain. Created with pockets for your legs and feet, a Shiatsu massage chair gives you a professional quality massage in your own home. Sink into a reclining, full body massage chair for a deluxe experience that may even rival your favorite spa. Heated massage chairs offer a zero gravity design so you feel like you’re floating, and the ergonomic chair is meant to be comfortable. Use the remote control to personalize your massage. Some chairs even come with built-in music! The only downside of owning a massage chair is that you may not want to share it with
the rest of your family.