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How many times can you run on the treadmill? Heart variations on treadmill. It is easily calculated using the formula.

For treadmill, I distinguish three types of training:

Less intense training. You have to run for 60-90 minutes to achieve long, clear results. Speed does not increase – 6-10 km / h. There is a pulse of 90-110 beats per minute. If running, if desired, walking with a positive slope of the track canvas can be changed

Medium intensity exercise. The training time can be reduced to 40-60 minutes and the duct should have 110-140 beats. The running speed is 10-15 km / h. You can minimize the speed, but increase the slope of the track, so you imitate the drive to the hill

Interval training. The most effective form of fat burning heart. It is a combination of low- and high-intensity training, or precisely, alternatively. In the next chapter I will talk about how to properly deal with this plan. The pulse, as well as the running speed, varies. Try not to increase heart rate over 160 beats per minute in intense work intervals. In low intensity intervals, do not reduce the heart rate below 90 beats per minute

How to run in the treadmill ?

So, for starters it will be enough to deal with less time. Over time, the heart muscles are trained, and the respiratory system can withstand long-term stress. Many people who have a long time in physical activity come with different ways to fully load themselves. For example, they take small dumbbells on their hands. Because of this, all the muscles begin working simultaneously.  Analyzing top to buy treadmill online in India. Explore huge range of branded Treadmills online get upto 63% discount 100% genuine products.

How to run properly in the treadmill? There are several rules:

At first, it’s enough to walk at medium speed. A few minutes per day – and you can slowly prepare your body for energetic loads.
Do not increase the angle of the track. First of all, run on a flat surface. And gradually, about 5-7 minutes, angle increases by five degrees. This is very important, especially for those who are running.
If you only train to lose weight, it will be enough for two or three classes per week.
If you do not have the mood to deal with it, it’s best to quit your exercise tomorrow or postpone it for the next time. You can not benefit from the fact that you run from “right”.
Do not drink coffee before training. Your heart gets a big shake.
Your body begins to run immediately after it is awakened, about twenty minutes after sleep. And the whole day you will be charged with energy.
If you are tired quickly, try alternatively with walking.
The training time should be around 15-20 minutes, but in the future you need to increase them up to one hour per day.
Engage in special comfortable shoes. This reduces the risk of ankle injury.
After a workout in the treadmill, pick a contrast shower and then take a shower.
How to move properly in the treadmill, you know now. Maintaining the above rules, you will not only learn this technique, but gradually access the rhythm.

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Walking in the treadmill

This type of training for weight loss can have a positive effect on regular exercise and the required duration as it is running.
Do not think that “spiteful” fats, just warming in the first half, are disappearing at this time. And in the next half hour, the work begins to lose weight.
Such skills do not require any skills. Walk in the normal comfort rhythm. Each next workout will increase for several minutes, adding rhythm and angle.

In order to achieve results when losing weight while walking in the treadmill, the following actions are mandatory:
> Lessons per week – less than three;
> Lesson is 60-80 minutes;
> Walking at a speed of 6-7 km per hour;
> The elevation angle is more than 5%.
When walking with the lift, the result may become more clear, because the burden of the stomach muscle increases.

You can not relax. These training sessions and walking in the woods do not happen with friends – you must adapt to diligence and effort.  Online shopping for Treadmills No Cost EMI – Buy Aerobic Training Machines, Manual, Automatic or Motorized treadmills online from a great selection at Sports, Fitness and Outdoors COD, Discounts available on eligible purchases. Compare & Buy treadmill online for home & commercial gym online in India at low price. Get best discount on manual or motorized treadmill or running…