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Exercising in the morning is certainly a really good habit since it helps you maintain a nice level of fitness along with detoxifying your body. One of the best ways to get your daily cardio in is on an exercise bike.  Sports and exercise are an essential part of your daily lives in order to remain healthy and fit.  In today’s era of digital enchantment, it is very easy to forget about our physical well-being and indulge in sedentary entertainment. We present you everyone’s favorite exercise machine— exercise bikes! Fitness improves all aspects of people’s lives. From relieving stress, to enhancing quality and perseverance, it ought to positively not be disregarded. Fitness bikes are used to maintain the recommended hours of cardio workout day by day in order to maintain a healthy mind and body.  Minicart in India houses a large selection of purposeful branded exercise bikes, which are perfect for use at home or the gym workout. Buy Exercise Bikes & Exercise Cycles online at best prices in India. Get wide range of best quality exercise Bikes While all these benefits of technology have made our lives easier, they have harmed our health and brought in an entire range of lifestyle diseases in the youth. For those of you who don’t know what an exercise bike is, it is a cycle that’s fixed to one place.  The Dual-Action Stationary type bikes usually have the option to perform two or more aerobic exercises in them, making them perfect for fitness enthusiasts. Cycling can increase the circulation of blood, coordinate your movements, and increase your muscle strength. If you are looking exercise bike online India, then you will find a lot of exercise equipments especially exercise bikes. Buy Online Exercise Bikes & Exercise Cycles online at best prices in India. Get wide range of best quality exercise Bikes.

For all the fitness freaks, exercise bikes are the perfect fitness accessory to stay in shape without leaving the comfort of your home. The exercise bicycles that you find in a gym are all mostly indoor cycles.  For such people, today we have lined up the Best Exercise Cycles which are going to provide you with the training or exercising you need to keep your body fit that too at the comfort of your home. The nominal range of workout products on Minicart is a wonderful way to explore start exercising at the convenience of your home and a cycle exercise machine would be the first choice for everyone.  Among various exercising equipment, commercial exercise bikes are extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts. To achieve your fitness goals, you need to have the right fitness equipment in place.  We make sure your experience of online shopping in India is worthwhile with the most effective exercise cycles, magnetic upright bikes, etc. Buy Exercise Bikes online at India. Select from the best range of exercise bikes, fitness bikes, exercise cycles, stationay bikes and many more exercise. All the exercise cycles that we have provided on our listing are quality products and don’t require a whole lot of maintenance. But to stay fit is what demands discipline and change in lifestyle. For those who are already overweight and struggling to get into shape or, those who need to build stamina and gain muscle mass, a planned approach is needed. The exercise bike was the traditional way to work out that we all grew up with and it is still a great way to stay fit.  This is one of the most popular and straight forward types of exercise cycles online. Give the best type of exercise bike to your body and choose the best among the rest. Buy branded exercise bikes online at and enjoy great discounts and offers. There are a lot of models you can choose from but you get the most serious workout from this kind of exercise bikes.

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Get a perfectly toned body with strength training benches

A good quality weightlifting bench is an essential piece of equipment for pressing exercises, such as bench press. A workout bench is a fundamental piece of workout equipment in anyone’s home gym. They offer a stable and comfortable platform for free weight and barbell workouts, and allow for greater range of motion. Shop our weight benches which includes dumbbell & barbell benches , adjustable multi-function benches with lat pull down & preacher curl pad attachments. The Multi Exercise Bench Online is a must-have fitness accessory in commercial gym setups or home gyms. Exercise bench is one of the most important parts of the gym setup, be it at home or anywhere else. It helps users maintain balance when performing a variety of weight training exercises. Exercising on multi-bench help strengthen and tone the muscles developing a fit body. Exercise bench offers the perfect posture to the body to ensure that the exercise that you do has the right effect in the right placess. The flat benches allow your body to get into a comfortable position. It doesn’t put you in an awkward position when you lift weights. Fitness Benches Online, India | Home fitness Equipment at Best Price in India

Buy Products from Prequalified Suppliers at Factory Price. Get Live Quotes Now! Most Popular. Quality Assured. 100% Refund. Trade Assurance. Types: Amusement Park, Artificial Grass. Whether you are a workout novice or training for the Olympics in power lifting, using a workout bench can benefit you in a lot of ways. It can speed up your metabolism, resulting in easier weight loss and strengthening the bones which can prevent bone breakage at later stages of life. And the best thing is, with a workout bench you can enjoy much of the versatility of the gym within the comfort and convenience of your home. Shop our entire selection of benches including flat and adjustable benches, preacher curl and seated curl benches, and other bench attachments. If going to the gym does not fit into your schedule or, you don’t want to spend a huge amount every year for a gym membership, then you can check out the several workout benches available online. Buy Weight Lifting Benches Online at Best Price in India. Utility bench offers a safe and convenient way to work on your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home! A good quality weight bench should provide the solid foundation that you need for your exercise approach. Select from the best range of fitness benches online,exercise benches , weight lifting benches and many more exercise benches at best price. A strength training bench is a staple of any home gym. These benches come in different styles and features catering to every exerciser’s individual workout needs. However, it is important to know how to use the benches properly to ensure good form and make sure that you are training safely. Foldable Multi Exercise Bench. This Home Gym Mutli Exercise Bench Features A Bench Press, A Pec Dec, And Leg Extensions To Provide . Using these benches correctly will help the user to improve muscular strength, endurance and mass.

There is a massive range of strength training benches to browse through and buy at India. Therefore, one needs to consider what exercises they will be doing and how heavy the strength training benches need to be. Buy Exercise Benches online at best prices in India. Select from wide range of exercise benches, fitness benches, weight lifting benches online. Ideally, users will need to pick a bench that will take their weight, along with the load of the free weights too. A simple flat bench may be a great option for beginners. For someone who wants to supplement an existing home gym, hyperextension bench or an ab board may be the way to go. And if you are looking for an all-encompassing piece of equipment, you should buy a multipurpose bench from India. With the right strength training bench, you can be on your way to tight buns, six-pack abs and bulging biceps in no time.  Top Best buy gym bench online brand and top Manufacturer and Suppliers of gym bench brand india in India

Weight benches play a crucial part in any weight training program with modern benches allowing you to train at any angle, focus on almost any muscle and aid in reducing the risk of injury. This second type of bench is more straightforward but provides a reliable and popular option for certain exercises. When performing flat bench presses and moves that don’t require elevation, then a flat bench would be the ideal choice for your gym. With it’s fixed position you have guaranteed stability and reduced risk of having to carry out maintenance on hinges and moving components. For a facility looking to add something extra to their free weights area, there are a variety of specialist bench options on the market which are less geared towards all around versatility and are instead focused on specific exercises, movement types or muscle groups. Gym Bench: Fitness Benches Online at best prices in India The Multi Exercise Bench is a must-have fitness accessory in commercial gym setups or home gyms. It helps users maintain balance when performing a variety of weight training exercises. Exercising on multi-bench help strengthen and tone the muscles developing a fit body. Weight benches and weight bench sets are a great way to help build muscle and strength from the comfort of your home. Whether simple or complex, each workout bench provides an opportunity to improve your personal best and set you on the track for success. Use these and other weight and strength training products, including weight and strength machines and medicine balls, to help you stay in shape. Shop Exercise Benches Online – Explore huge range of branded Exercise Benches online get upto 65% discount, view our product list. Buy gym bench online at best price in India. We have wide range of gym bench in Home & Lifestyle. Get quality strength equipment, non-weight machines, wide range of Buy Exercise Benches, Buy Fitness Benches Online In India at Best Price.

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Buy Dumbbells Online We have a great range of dumbbells available from our online store. Shop HEX dumbbells, PVC dumbbells, rubber dumbbells, steel dumbbells online.

Dumbbell exercises form an integral part of most strength training programs. They can be used to develop the various different elements of strength such as maximal strength, hypertrophy or muscle mass, explosive power and strength endurance. Weight training or strength training is an indispensable part of a bodybuilder’s fitness routine. For beginners and intermediate level fitness enthusiasts, they help improve balance and strength while for pros, they help build greater strength and lean muscles. But many people use them as a method for toning their bodies and burning more calories. One of the most important equipment used in this type of training are dumbbells or free weights. When we choose the strength exercises that we will perform at the gym, we should select those that induce a positive stimulus over the muscles and joint angles that determine performance. Dumbbells are used particularly for the arms to urge stronger, however they ought to be employed in the correct means and at the correct time to offer you satisfactory results. Also, you need to watch out and use correct type to avoid injuries. initial of all, dumbbells square measure nice as a result of they’re free weights. Dumbbells – Buy Fitness Dumbbells Online at Best Prices in India – Shop Online for sports and fitness.

Free weights such as dumbbells activate smaller stabilizing muscle groups to control the exercise. Resistance machines on the other hand, tend to work muscle groups in very strict planes of movement. The downside of this very strict movement is that while some muscle groups will become significantly stronger, other, smaller muscles are neglected. If you don’t have enough money to afford buying a complete home gym set, then why don’t you consider buying affordable dumbbell set from The other advantage dumbbell exercises have over machines is that they fit around your body so the movement can be performed correctly. Although resistance machines can be adjusted, such as the seat height for example, the movement pattern is still largely governed by how the machine is built. Online shopping for Dumbbells – Strength Training Equipment from a great selection at Sports, Fitness & Outdoors Store.

Hunt for high quality free weights including dumbbells, dumbbell rubber, dumbbell disc and dumbbell set, barbell set, Olympic plates, kettle bell, etc. at competitive prices . The best thing about dumbbells is that apart from a commercial gym, you can use them at home as well because they are easy to carry and don’t require much space for storage. Use them individually or in pairs depending on the type of exercise chosen to train your full body including legs, glutes, chest, back, shoulders and arms. On our catalogue, you will find them from renowned brands like Cosco, Reebok, Tunturi, GrandSlam, Co-Fit and others. And we have dumbbells of different weights and dumbbells that are made with different materials. You can choose the best one according to the type of athlete you are and nature of your workout. We ensure that we do all the research needed for you to buy dumbbells online and offer detailed description to make an informed purchase. While we do advise working out under a trainer’s instruction for professional training, for those looking to exercise for better health and stamina-building can read on. The dumbbell exercises below have been divided into the major muscle groups of the body. Buy Dumbbells Online We have a great range of dumbbells available from our online store. We try to stock as much weight lifting equipment as we can and our dumbbell range includes both fixed dumbbells and adjustable dumbbell sets. Of course you can buy weights separately for these.

There are literally an unlimited number of routines you can put together with just a handful of these exercises. The first step is to determine an outcome – general fitness, increased muscle mass, strength endurance, improved athletic performance for example. Not only will this dictate which dumbbell exercises you select it will also dictate the weight, type of adjustable dumbbells and number of sets and repetitions you choose. Buy Dumbbells Online We have a great range of dumbbells available from our online store. Whether you need fixed weight dumbbells or professional adjustable dumbbells, you can buy online within your budget means without breaking the bank. You need not have to worry anymore as is loaded with portable, versatile and convenient dumbbells which let you to increase your power and strength with maximum balance and endurance. There are rubber hexagonal dumbbells that are the most widely used dumbbells. Reason being, due to their hexagon shape, they do not roll over and the rubber covering protects the floor from getting scratched. Next we have neoprene dumbbells, another kind of rubber dumbbells. These are actually cast iron or steel dumbbells covered with rubber or neoprene. Our guide to buying dumbbells simplifies and explains the key dumbbell options that are currently available on the market.

1. Dumbbell Romanian deadlift: This deadlift variety is sure to please the hamstrings (or punish them). Standing with feet hip-width apart, toes facing forward, and dumbbells at your side, shift the hips back and slightly bend the knees as you lower the dumbbells toward the floor (keep them angled on the outside of your legs).

2. Dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift: This one is tougher than it looks, but worth the effort. Starting with feet hip-width apart and dumbbells at your side, place your weight on one foot, and slightly bend at the knee. Lean forward, lifting the opposite foot straight back. As you come forward, move the dumbbells from your side directly over your planted foot.

3. Dumbbell hang clean and press: Don’t take this one to the Laundromat! Get down in squat position and track a dumbbell on each side outside of your ankles with palms facing your feet. With vertical shins and a neutral spine, move upward to a standing position while pulling the dumbbells up. Next, forcefully drive the dumbbells up toward the shoulders using the hips and legs.

4. Dumbbell high pull: Time to get up on those toes! Assume an athletic stance with feet shoulder-width art and knees slightly bent. Place the weight straight out in front of your knees with palms facing in, maintaining a neutral spine with the chest up. Keeping the arms straight, explode upward, fully extending the hips, knees, and ankles while shrugging the shoulders up.

5. Single-arm dumbbell snatch: Minds out of the gutter, people! In a wide-squat stance, hold the dumbbell in your right hand in front of the knees. Drive the weight up, keeping it close to the body, and thrust it up with your hips.

6. Russian dumbbell swing: The playground’s got nothing on these. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in both hands out in front of you. Hike the dumbbell back between your legs, then thrust your hips forward to move the dumbbell up and out to about shoulder height. Though it is called a swing, this exercises is all on the hips and glutes.
Legs and Glutes

7. Dumbbell front squat: Take some pressure off that back. Start this one with feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbells on your shoulders with a neutral grip and elbows up. Next, hinge back, keeping the back straight like you’re sitting on an imaginary bench (come on, work with us here!). Lower the body until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor (or deeper, without losing a tight back). Complete the move by driving through the hips as you come back up to standing position.

8. Dumbbell pistol squat: This exercise isn’t for the faint of heart (so beginners, try it sans dumbbells first). Stand with feet hip-width apart holding a dumbbell sideways in both hands. Extend the left leg out in front of you and squat down on the right leg, moving the dumbbell straight out. Go all the way down (and we mean all the way down!) until your butt touches your ankle.

9. Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat: Squat so much you nearly split your pants. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Prop your left foot onto a bench and plant your right foot on the floor into a wide split stance. Lunge straight down, keeping your front leg linear and your spine rigid. Come down until your knee hovers above the floor, and then push back up to starting position and repeat for reps on both sides.

10. Dumbbell side lunge: Feeling a little sideways? Standing with feet shoulder-width apart and a pair of dumbbells at your side, take a big step to the side with your left foot, pushing your hips back and lowering your body into a deep lunge position.

11. Dumbbell step up/reverse lunge combo: Put a little pep in your step up. Stand 6 inches from a bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Place your entire left foot onto the bench as you step up. Drive through the heel on the elevated leg, bringing the right leg up to hip height. Lower back down to start position, and step back with your left foot into a deep lunge.

12. Dumbbell 45-degree hyperextension: The motto here: Relax the back, recruit the glutes. From starting position, lean over with hips flexed as far as they will go. Grab a dumbbell and position it under your chin so it looks like a bowtie.