How to Lose Weight on the Treadmill

Every day the treadmill. Coaches and Weight Loss Reviews: The treadmill helps to lose weight.

Weight Loss – The goal that requires the accumulation of all domestic resources: It is important to know how to revise diet and control your weight, but it is important to spend calories to provide a regular exercise body.

Subcutaneous fat layer is likely to be significantly reduced. Running on a Slimming Treadmill – The best thing is to burn calories, but only if you do everything correctly can achieve significant and quick effect.

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Use slimming treadmill
Most are said about the benefits of health and personality. It is known as good jogging in the open air, but everyone is bravely ready for the outdoor stadium, resisting all vagaries of the weather and the summer is hot and cold winter air kilometers.

Therefore, the main tool for combating tighter and thin body is the treadmill. When moving on it is easier than ground coat or asphalt (thanks to depression system).

And the lack of oxygen with a strong air system, the practice of wide-open windows, or in the hallway.

No cardiovascular device, like a treadmill, not only to lose a couple of extra pounds, but also:

– Improves metabolism, increases the normal sound of the body;
– Saturates make blood with oxygen, which positively affects the well-being and exceptions;
– Reduces cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure;
– Strengthens the cardiovascular system and increases stress resistance;
– Gives cheerfulness and good mood.

Often we hear a complaint about the inefficiency of training people who have recently started jogging: Meet the less gym everyday they expect quick results, but in the hurry to leave extra weight and inches. You need to make sure that exercises are properly maintained to understand why this is happening and how to fix the situation. You probably do not work hard or train too early to stop.

How to run in the treadmill

Due to the fact that exercise exercises on the treadmill are less likely to “stock up” before carbohydrates – say, serious exercise, then you need half an hour before the acquisition to eat one part and one porridge with porridge, muesli or other carbohydrate foods. In fact, for a 30-40 minute run time, we can not burn enough calories.

If you move before energy exercises, do not prevent complex carbohydrates, but in this case, eat some spoonfuls of a lot of cereal or packed food sticks.

Energy training equipment and net carbs for treadmill are still eating 60 grams, burn calories you get from food, but subcutaneous fat. In such cases weight loss is indefinitely propelled.

Eat middle, try to engage in density that controls the amount of food consumed before going to the gym – sweat. If you are comfortable and easy during exercise, you are not training efficiently. To lose weight really, it is important to go beyond the comfort zone.

Is the simulator running in a difficult way to lose weight?

Unfortunately, fast walking does not only give the effect of any kind, but then is always the case. If a person is accustomed to cardio-loads – for example, at least twice a week in a bicycle ride – there is no reason to lose weight by walking. If you are running difficult, try to get started with a hill hike – such as walking, loading the back muscles of the legs, though not comparable to the quick jog, produces a beautiful compression of the buttocks and thighs.

The rear muscles are loaded more than the front ones when running on “the hill”: this is a great option for those who want to improve the shape of the legs, but at the same time avoids the expansion of Quadrice. The best type of fat burning takes place in the load interval, in which a variety of loads are substituted.

You can start with the following program:

  • The first – speed at a calm, measured speed (speed should not exceed 6 km / h);
  • After practice – up to five minute uphill “should not accelerate with a short, 6-8 degree slope;
  • Then – at 8-10 km / h up to 2-3 minutes still running on the surface;
  • Running at extreme speeds for 1-2 minutes (this person is individual);
  • Alternate wheels are usually dependent on the preparation of 3-4 chakras – until you are tired.

All points for beginners are difficult to complete first, so the first few sessions can be performed in a modest mode limited to 2 circles. If you have a lot of physical preparation, you can change walking into “the hill” by running: the level of the canvas is similar, but the rate of movement increases. The total duration of the session is usually 30-45 minutes, at the end of a few minutes to reduce the tempo – so the body is “cool”, and the pulse gradually returns to normal.

By the way, when you are involved, make sure the number of heart beats per minute is at least 130, otherwise it will be more difficult to lose weight. But at the maximum cost you should not have to run all the time, because the weight weight in classes does not correspond to your speed. If you run “all time” all the time, your breathing will be moved very quickly, and the cheerful fees will earn you the whole day’s fatigue. And do not forget to drink water, especially if you sweat too.

Which is better: a treadmill or ellipse slimming machine?

The answer to this question directly depends on the status of your joints: When exercising in the treadmill, the “shock” load is given to the musculoskeletal system, but ensures continuous contact with the oval simulator support. So, if you have long-term diseases of the joints or spine, it is best to prefer the jogging ellipse (orbital).

For the rate of burning calories, the difference between two types of simulators is minimal. In running, you spend about 800 kilograms per hour, while practicing in the Arbitrage – 770 KKL.

Elpside’s burden allows you to reduce weight evenly, despite the fact that you can get less sense when running, especially if you want to, the level of physical activity can be adjusted from the settings of the simulator.

Good luck, dear readers! Running body is only able to “revive” and keep it in tone, which will help you lose weight. But not everyone is ready to get into the fresh air regularly for jogging, justifying time or bad weather. In some cases, running for health reasons can be contraindicated. But there is a way out of this situation. What one? You will soon find! After all, the content of our today’s conversation is a treadmill for weight loss, how to deal with it to lose weight.

If you are running in rough terrain or asphalt and running on treadmill, the latter has many advantages:

The cardiovascular device has some effect on the joints and spine because the track has a moving tape effect

You can train without leaving home. No bad weather will interfere with your studies!

Extensive range adjustments that allow you to train with various intensities and loads

Ability to observe training parameters: speed, track slope, running time, calories, pulse and stress. This is just a small part of what modern fitness equipment can do

There are already built-in running programs on many tracks: running with different intensity, training with alternative walking and running and interim training. Do not waste time making the program, the simulator does everything.

How to lose weight

  • Do not run immediately in the hall, as sunset with a thin figure of dreams. First, clean your diet.
  • Provide the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber with required macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates)
  • Create a calorie deficiency to lose weight
  • Take regular drinking water habits – 1.5-2 liters per day
  • And then go on the treadmill!The first thing you need to know about losing weight at the speed of losing training. In fact, fat burning may occur with any physical activity, but there are types of cardio activity that burns fat.
For treadmill, I distinguish three types of training:
Less intense training. You have to run for 60-90 minutes to achieve long, clear results. Speed ​​does not increase – 6-10 km / h. There is a pulse of 90-110 beats per minute. If running, if desired, walking with a positive slope of the track canvas can be changed

Medium intensity exercise. The training time can be reduced to 40-60 minutes and the duct should have 110-140 beats. The running speed is 10-15 km / h. You can minimize the speed, but increase the slope of the track, so you imitate the drive to the hill

Interval training. The most effective form of fat burning heart. It is a combination of low- and high-intensity training, or precisely, alternatively. In the next chapter I will talk about how to properly deal with this plan. The pulse, as well as the running speed, varies. Try not to increase heart rate over 160 beats per minute in intense work intervals. In low intensity intervals, do not reduce the heart rate below 90 beats per minute

If you are a beginner or if your tolerance level is low then the last kind of training should not start. Usually, in the summer season, it is simply enough to make low- and medium-sized loads.

Training Program in Treadmill

Any kind of training you choose, you should start your study with a little work. As your physical strength increases, increase the speed and time of training to train with training.

  • Example of low and medium intensity classes
  • If you want to get more profit and harm health, I suggest you follow the simple instructions:
  • For classes, sports clothing does not restrict movement. Moreover it is made of cotton. Pick comfortable sports shoes

Start your workout with practice. Swing your movement with all parts of the body and the rotating movement. Turn the body to the door or lungs and do some procedures. Give 5-10 minutes of exercise

Travel on the sidewalk with a 5 to 10 minute walkway. After this, speed and slopes can be increased to function values.

If you are a beginner, you have to walk at a speed of 5-7 km / h for 40 minutes. For more experienced, I advise to spend at least 60 minutes for minimum intensity training (6-10 km / h) and minimum intensity of minimum 40 minutes (10-15 km / h).

During exercise, be sure to drink water. At least half a liter bottle!

Since most tracks are installed by handbags, you can hold them. But you can not carry the load in your hand. This is good if you are learning to walk in the path without your support

View your post. The shoulders should be straightened, and the back is straight. The view is directed forward. Hands in the elbow at 90 degrees angle bend and turn back time to run them rhythmically

End training with Hitch. Maintain breathing restoration and stretching (torso, lungs)

Be sure to watch an interesting video for the main moments of jogging on the track.

If you follow these rules, you will see the first results in a few weeks! I advise you to set a separate day to train 3 days a week.

An example of interim training

Interval training allows you to reduce training time and increase calorie intake. The lesson does not take longer than 30 minutes. But I have to sweat!

Run the exercise

Start running. First of all, run 8 minutes at a warm, pulse 90-100 beats per minute. Then run the 140-160 beats per minute, making a soft catalyst, running line length of 1 minute. Then gradually warm up and reduce the movement for 2-3 minutes. Once again, speed up to 1 minute and slow down the speed to warm again. Make such 3 intervals. After the last acceleration, run another 5 minutes at a calm speed. Everything is running, training is over! Hooray!

Forget about Hitch!

As I said, such training does not fit the newcomers because it has a heavy weight on the cardiovascular system. Runners are mainly used with experience.

Is there a result?

In theory, everything is smooth and beautiful, and if you say, but how things go with real results? So, to prove all this beauty, I asked my real, common, and sports (first) girlfriends to tip and write my story.

Ira, 29, mother of two children: Born because of my birth, birth did not pass through my birth, and as a result I had to change the wardrobe. But then I decided to hold it together. After reading the clever advice, it started with proper nutrition and, in fact, added workouts on the treadmill. Weight is reduced, but slowly. But I did not give up. As a result, three times a week for a three-month training week of 50-60 minutes, I lost 10 kg!

Natalia, 35 years old: decided to lose weight, because overweight was a heavy burden. Began walking on the sidewalk. Gradually increase the walking time and path of the path. Especially liked to go under the slopes – you’ll get too tired, but how much sweating came – terrible. I’m proud to have left 5kg in the first month and continue to train!

Here are those reactions, dear readers. I’m sure you will succeed! So, we run to the running track!

I’m goodbye with you. Subscribe to updates and share articles with your friends on social networks. Bye Bye!

Hello my dear readers. I think you are well aware that running is for effective weight loss. It’s very useful to engage in fresh air, but not everyone. But it is running at home on the track because many are more comfortable. Today, I want to tell you to run the treadmill properly. Such lessons only benefit you and help lose weight.

This simulator has a healing effect.

Classes on it improve the work of the heart and blood vessels. In addition, pressure is generalized.

Regular training can have a beneficial effect on the breathing system. If you practice regularly, you become more and more difficult.

Jobs have a fat burning effect. Think of how you can burn 700 calories in this simulator.

I will give you a very interesting study. At London’s Royal College, researchers watched 324 twin sisters. This review lasted for 10 years! He attempted to find out how the muscles of the legs affect brain cognitive activity.

This experiment proved that the normal brain on the muscles of the brain slowed down. Therefore, people who work in this sport will reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

When running, you should have the chest and shoulders upright, and keep printing in suspense. Forget the hands, bend the elbows, and hold them in the right angle. Then they behave in every way. In this situation, blood circulation increases.
Do not take too much momentum, get started smoothly, and gradually accelerate. You need to breathe deeply to breathe through your nose. So blood is oxygenated.

What a good time to do

There is no unequivocal answer. In any case, it is best to practice at any convenient time rather than sitting on the bed. If there is no time to do it in the morning, it can be evening after work. If you have time for morning work – take a contrast shower and go for it. It’s best not to do it on an empty stomach. We need some breakfast, let’s say some spoons of oatmeal. After jogging, you can already have a full meal. Evening classes are also useful. It helps to eliminate stress and varies from work.

To make a good burn of fat, you do not have to pay a maximum load. 65-75% fat burning occurs when the maximum permissible heart rate occurs. I’m talking about this.

How many runs in the treadmill

The ideal time is from 40 minutes to 1 hour. It happens that the pulse can not be placed in the effective zone. Then you can increase the classes by 20-30 minutes.

The only thing to get started is without fanatics. Especially if you are 40 years of age or older. Select slow speed and increase loading slowly.

Also affect the frequency of classes on weight loss. Emptying routine workouts will help you quickly gain weight. I advise you to follow all the rules 3 times a week.

Most likely, the body does not have time to recover. There is dizziness, fatigue, muscle pain. It is very difficult to force the simulator to climb again and again.

Walking to weight loss in treadmill

Simulator Running is a very popular job for weight loss. For beginners – 10 minutes practice at slow speed. The next 15-20 minutes will increase the speed and reach an effective heart rate.

Walking at fast speeds is completely burnt fat. It works in all muscles, so you can pull the entire body. Start walking 20-30 minutes strong. Gradually increase the classes to 1 hour.

Classes on a sloping simulator – to enhance effective loading. So, burn more calories. Change the angle with your discretion.

Interval Training – Alternative relaxation and catalyst, which allows you to lose weight faster. Start warming, then walking 30 seconds, 1 minute slow on Sprint.

Training program

If you develop the training program properly, then running a slimming treadmill is very effective. I’ll give you general recommendations and you’ll set them up for yourself. For beginners, it is recommended to increase 5% weight per week. If you feel it is still enough, increase the workout period.

  • The main rule – you can not increase the intensity and time of training simultaneously!
  • Therefore, our training program aimed at losing weight:
  • The practice takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Bias 0%
  • The running speed is 5-6.5 km / h.

Start at least comfortable speed and increase by 0.3-0.5 km / h per 30-60 sec. It will gradually increase to 6.5 km / h. Next, go for real training.

Elastic buttocks program

Frequently, girls are surprised that you can tighten the buttocks on the treadmill. Of course you can. The platform lets you set up the “walking hillhead” approach, where our fifth point works well).

After practice the duration of the exercise is 10 minutes;

Trainings per hour. Moderate speed is selected. Heart rate is at 60%. Choose fast walking or easy running. Such training people have a great body weight. Load is small, you can do it every day. Thanks for systematic studies, you can lose 10 kg in three months. Food is still important here.

Interval training. Here you can already be alternately running and walking with the rest. You should start accelerated speed for 1 minute.

Then choose the medium speed and for three minutes. Gradually training your endurance will complicate the task. The speed interval is longer, and the recovery period is low.

For beginners, intervals can be selected in the ratio 1: 1, and then 2: 1. It is important not to exceed it. Alternative interval training with force. If you take the start too seriously, you will leave it before reaching the outcome.

  • The mysteries of the production image
  • Trademil Reviews for Weight Lossers
  • Let’s look at the reviews now.

Elena: Well pulled the picture. Thin legs, fat from the waist, pulled fat. The skin of the truth is not much – 3 kg a month.

Margot: I’ll do it somewhat volatile. One week’s muscles on the calves are allocated!)) The solution is tight, I can massage after exercise

Shura: I bought home simulator. I work 40 minutes every day. Jogging I’m watching a movie or listening to music, do not be bored) threw to 4 kg – very happy.

Irina: Do not Ask Anyone Who Will Run For an Hour! I’m doing 30 minutes. I do not sit in the diet but after 18-00 I will not eat. I’m running 4 times a week after 8 hours. I’m running 3.5 km at speeds of 8 km / h and I’m going to speed up at 5.5 km / h. After one run I shake the press. For about 15 minutes I will exercise with dumbbells. It took 15 kg for 4 months and my pulse did not take more than 110 strokes

Aleenca: After my jogging, my legs were more beautiful and my back pain stopped. I’m working 2 times a day. For 2 minutes in the morning, I am running at 12 km / h. And evening 15 minutes make different speeds alternate. After a few runs I started to feel better. Left fat, body tight.

Dysfunction: This is my favorite simulator and even the feet to the heart. The press is pumped in regular times. I have no extra pounds.

SWEETIC: I’m involved in a month, I do not eat at night. On the sidewalk I am going for morning and evening 20 minutes. I’m sweating so much in classes, the waist, the waist, the size of the legs. It’s nice.

As you can see, treadmill gives a good result. But it is important to follow the diet. If the diet is too carbohydrates – you will not lose weight. Also, the simulator is less effective if you are eating at night. So physical loads need to be combined. Do not forget, even if you are seriously involved – consume protein. Otherwise elastic priests will not be visible, the skin will stop.

Maybe Do You Have Your Own Effective Workout Program in Tremble? Let’s discuss. Do not forget. Bye Bye.

This is the final article, where we have the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits and benefits of simulators that can be used at home.

They allow you to increase the level and intensity of physical activity, which contributes to a more effective and successful long-term reduction of weight.

In earlier articles, we know that we’ve analyzed such wonderful house simulators in the sports store with the rope, hulloop and skipping lease.

Today our guest or more, the guest simulator queen who has undeniable benefits and is able to provide full and complex cardio training – treadmill.

Benefits of Weight Loss Treadmill

  1. The treadmill has a smooth, cushioned surface, which does not cause unnecessary stress on the body’s joints when running. This makes it possible to use the treadmill for weight loss at any age.
  2. The treadmill displays the ability to visualize your results in front of you. So, you can see the amount of calories you spend, such as your walking or running speed, heart rate, training travel distance, etc. Controlling this data acts as an additional inspiration when you see how gradually your training gets trained for improvement.
  3. When jogging in the fresh air does not need to worry about stealing, stumbling or stacking, so that it can cause stretching or injury occurring. The track for weight loss will save you from such concerns.
  4. You can adjust the speed, with which you can be more comfortable to train, which will increase the amount of energy. This will help you avoid unnecessary increases.
  5. Treadmill can be put on TV and watch your favorite programs or movies during training. Thanks to this, training time flies faster and physical burden is more easily tolerated. To date, there are slimmer tracks for slimming with a small built-in LCD TV.
  6. If you want your workouts to be a bit more difficult, you can adjust the slope of the treadmill.
  7. People are intended for walking. The 30-40 minute work at Slimming Trimmill allows you to find all the benefits of walking. When running or walking on a treadmill, the maximum amount of calories is offered in a small amount of effort, which means you can see the results in a short period of time.
  8. The best way to use the treadmill to ensure the good health of the heart. Due to the excellent heart training, treadmill speeds up the heart rate and keeps it at a certain level of time.
  9. Treadmills for weight loss offer different training programs recommended in the program block. If you are a beginner and the intensity you need to train for more effective results, and how long it will be useful to you.
  10. Studies have shown that physical activity can significantly reduce the level of blood pressure hormone cortisol.

Select a Slimming Treadmill

There are 4 key points to consider when choosing a slimming treadmill:

High Power Motor. Due to their low performance and ultimate power at the trainer’s cost (without the electric motor), the motions of the running belt do not intentionally consider the racquet transformations.

Therefore, a good engine should be the basic state of your weight loss treadmill because it is the most expensive part of the simulator. The maximum option is at least 2 HP engine power.

Running clothing lease. The main aspect of treadmill is to forget about it, its level of depletion. Your joints are safe only when the treadmill is cushioned enough.

Good hope. To get the most out of investment in Slimming Treadmill, it must have a mandatory guarantee: at least 30 years on the frame, 5 years for the engine and accessories and 1 year for maintenance.

Quality brand of simulator. Get the treadmill of well-known brands because of the high quality of assembly components.

The following parameters of the Slimming Track are also important:

Number of programs before you can provide different speeds and ramps during the workout.

Heart Attack Sensor – When you want to control your heart rate, it depends on your age and weight. If your pulse is too high, you need to slow down your pulse if you are too low, and you need to increase the workout intensity.

Built-in fans avoid overheating when walking or running.

Water Bottle Holder – This function allows you to put a bottle of water in an easy range, so that you can avoid dehydration while working on a treadmill.

The thickness of the treadmill should also be on the priority list, as it affects the leg and leg comfort with long-term use. Select the slimming treadmill with at least 2 cm web thickness.

The running belt should be large enough (not less than 110 cm) and a width (at least 45 cm), so it is convenient to walk on it. Check it out when you’re in the store.

Start warm: One of the most important tips before starting a workout is warm. One common mistake, when you start training at the speed you want without practice. This can lead to pain in the muscles and possible injuries.

In addition, this means that you can not effectively use your lower body muscles.

The best way to warm up is 4km faster. / Minute in a few minutes. For those with high levels of physical potential, the speed is 7 km higher

Workout on the treadmill

Step: New

The race is 1 minute (75% at maximum speed), 4 minutes x 5 = 25 minutes

At this point, you can lift 75% of your maximum speed to 1 minute, then reduce the speed for 4 minutes. It repeats 25 minutes 5 times total. Such a program interim means that you only have 5 minutes and 20 minutes to walk.

Step: Startup

2 minutes running (75% at maximum speeds), 4 minutes x 5 = 30 minutes

Note that this training is the same as the first one, except for a small difference. In this workout program, you are twice as long as you recover at the same time (4 minutes). This training allows you to run for 10 minutes and walk for about 20 minutes.

Step: Improved

2 minutes running (75% at maximum speed), 2 minutes x 5 = 20 minutes

The choice of this training is more complicated, as you now have the same work, but the recovery time has decreased. You do not have too much time to recover, so the total training time will be reduced to 20 minutes, during which you will walk 10 minutes and 10 minutes.

Classes on simulators require some techniques to follow compliance and pre-compilation program. Without this, you can not achieve weight loss, muscle building, or health promotion. Therefore, before starting training, it is important to know this information. From today onwards we will learn to run properly in the treadmill to extract the body and its maximum benefit.

Tactic is being run

To strengthen the weight and health, you must follow the following rules:

Chest and shoulders – straight. Press – strain. Bend the elbows – hands. Try to keep them in the right angles, so they work in proteovod, which increases blood circulation.

Proper breathing – By the nose, lungs must be as deep as possible to complete the blood with oxygen.

Start walking at moderate speeds for 10 minutes to prepare the body for stress. Speed ​​will gradually increase.

The key indicator is the number of heart beat, which should be 73% of the maximum value.

If the pulse begins to decrease during exercise, you need to increase the weight – add speed or angle.

Feeling tired, you can not stop. Go for walking properly. When the breath is restored, continue the run.

If your head hurts, your fever will increase your fever.

This knowledge is enough to get started and get the first knowledge. If you are a novice in this business, remember: Do not accelerate the speed immediately, load the body with over-training and turn on sloping plane mode. The first classes should be calm by using muscles.

Security precautions

Do not consider treadmill a simple and completely secure mechanism. By the way, between all simulators it occupies the first place in terms of risk of shock. There is always a risk of falling, speed can not be overcome. Therefore it is very important to comply with the safety rules.

For handbags embedded with some models, it is best not to stick. This causes the body to take a tendon, sloping position, which increases the weight on the musculoskeletal system and causes problems with the spine.

When going to handbags, you can reduce weight on your feet to reduce the effectiveness of training.

If you want to take something during training, do not do it on the go.

Do not look for moving canvas running. This can lead to loss of balance and fall.

Q: Even if barefoot can be run, instructors and manufacturers unequivocally resolve: it is prohibited from being transferred because it seriously injures the leg. Keds and sneakers provide the necessary grip on the track, preventing the risk. To read them properly, read.

Classes are time

It is important to choose the best time to practice in treadmill. Although experts certainly do not recommend recommendations on this topic, health is still useful in the morning hours.

After awakening, take at least half an hour. And must take contrasting shower before and after training. Do not engage in empty stomach: Do not forget to arrange light sprouts or yogurt some spoons and sips. And you can already have full breakfast after jogging and watering.

Do not be discouraged if you do not have time to run in the morning. Evening classes are also effective and useful. They help to eliminate stress and get away from work problems.

Shortly before training and you drink less calories, it contributes to the building muscle mass. By the way, they can change dinner, which positively affects weight loss results. Evening training should be completed 2-3 hours before bedtime.


  • Speed

So, how fast should you run to lose weight? It is not recommended to take too much momentum right away. The start should be smooth, and then gradually build up. Feminism in this regard can only harm. If you are already over 40. Beginners are encouraged to increase by 5% each week compared to the first. -But you can not add intensity and time at the same time.

  • Additional loads

If you want to write hate fats, do not try to adjust the maximum load immediately. The fat burning process occurs at 65-75% of the permissible frequency of heart tics.

The tilt angle creates additional load. At first you still have to run on the surface. The structure should be within: every 5 minutes – 5 ° increase.

On time

The results depend on how much time you spend on a treadmill. So, to lose weight, you have to run for 40 to 60 minutes. This issue should be decided on a person’s basis. If you are physically fit and practice these sports in the past, you can increase burden. If jogging is completely new for you, and there are more extra pounds. In this case, the first training should not exceed half an hour.

If there is no pulse in the effective zone, increase the duration of half an hour. On average, experts recommend running at least one hour a day.

Slimming can affect the frequency of classes. Daily vaccine does not cause rapid weight loss. In such cases the organism does not have time to recover. These muscles cause dizziness, fatigue and pain. Most experts advise three times a week to practice.

Running or walking?

  • Walking in the treadmill is designed for:
  • Warms and clots;
  • During the rest period, pulse or respiration is lost;
  • People with obesity;

Interval training.

But it is ineffective for weight loss. So losing weight is better than running a walk.

Training should be initially intensified to effectively practice treadmills and to achieve better performance as a result. For this, there are special programs aimed at performing various tasks.

Training Programs

The running track is not as vulnerable and multifunctional simulator. It initially laid out many programs – to promote weight loss and health. So, before you start training, try to determine the results you want to achieve. This will allow you to choose the person’s plan for the purpose of managing certain tasks. Here are some examples we can offer – you can safely use them.


– Warm up for 5 minutes. Easy walking.
– The primary run is 20 minutes.
– Running with a maximum load of 20 minutes.
– Hitch 5 minutes. Easy walking.

For the elasticity of the buttocks
–  Set Gradient – 0%, Speed ​​- 5 km / h. Each 60 seconds speed increases to 0.5 km / h.
– The training period is 10 minutes (not warm).
– Increase slope to maximum ceiling. Go for powerful walking. The speed should be stable. Time – 4 minutes.
– The slope dropped to speeds – 2 km / h. Time – 1 minute.
– Repeat the previous 2 items.

To burn fat

  • Smooth acceleration – 5 minutes.
  • Heart rate management and speed and gradual movements with slopes – 40 minutes.
  • Gradually slow, slowly accelerating, – 5 minutes.

Interval training

  • Runing for 5 minutes is easy
  • 1 minute acceleration.
  • Relax 3 minutes.
  • 20 minute alternative alternate speed and rest.
  • Runing for 5 minutes is easy


  • Drive one step;
  • Running with hitting;
  • Attacks (possible with dumbbells);
  • Jumping from a sitting position;
  • Interval driving;
  • Walking on a slope.

By learning how to run properly, you can enjoy this machine and get the best results. Safety precautions are required to look for recommendations, coaches, and manufacturers recommendations for use.

Without a program aimed at achieving some results, any concrete can be difficult to achieve. Do not ignore this professionally engaged advice – and then the simulator gives you a lot of pleasure and justifies all the financial and time costs.