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Rome is no doubt of most beautiful cities in the world. Every year millions of tourists coming to Rome from all over world to admire the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture. Rome is capital of Italy is famous for History, fine art and great food. Rome is Italy’s political and religious heartbeat and the twin presence of government and Church dominates the city. A down-to-earth account of the lives of both illustrious and ordinary Romans set in the last days of the Roman Republic. A trip to Rome is as much about lapping up the dolce vita lifestyle as gorging on art and culture. It's about relaxing into the city's Mediterranean rhythms and idling around the picturesque streets. Few cities can rival Rome's astonishing artistic heritage. Throughout history, the city has starred in the great upheavals of Western art, drawing the top artists of the day and inspiring them to push the boundaries of creative achievement. Eating out is one of Rome's great pleasures and the combination of romantic al fresco settings and superlative food is a guarantee of good times. The best times of the year to visit are April, May, and late September through October. Restaurants and trattorias hum with activity and cheerful hordes mill around popular haunts before heading off to cocktail bars and late-night clubs.

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