UrbanTrek™ Series Modern Motorised Treadmill

UrbanTrek™ Series is a family single upright tube, intelligent, Plug & Run treadmill. It is the cardio choice for any home facility looking for intuitive functionality, Space saving and modern unique design the whole machine of this series are 100% Pre-installed with-in the box, single button fast folding, convenient and quick.

They are featured with super wide treadmill and standing side rails with innovative ultra-low running platform without base frame design, having a height not more than 10cm from ground which makes running more comfortable and safe. The next generation suspension shock absorption system provides gradual force deflection, leading to soft landing to protect your knees and ankle effectively.

It can be used to monitor the health status of the body using heart rate sensor and the body fat detective system while some are featured with weight scale to measure body weight also. All machines of UrbanTrek™ Series have a quite, efficient, automatic noise reduction powerful motor. Additional features includes aeration fan for oxygen-full running, mobile app for Android & iOS to achieve cloud plan training, Step count function, Auto stop human detection and many more differentiating machines of UrbanTrek™ Series.

Landmark Series Manual Treadmills

The Landmark Series is a combined set of traditional treadmill for domestic and semi-commercial use. This series offers entry level models with basic feature to high end level with advance features for those who are interested in walking, jogging, hiking and running. All the machines of Landmark Series comes 90%-95% pre-installed within the box.

This series is further classified to MFT for Manual Multi-Function Treadmill, TDM for Treadmill with DC Motor and Manual Incline, TDA for Treadmill with DC Motor and Auto Incline and lastly TAC for Treadmill with AC Motor for Commercial Purpose.

All Landmark Series treadmill are featured with heart rate sensors to detect pulse, foldable to save space, easy to transport using wheels, tough and sturdy frame having a lifetime warranty; while some are featured with large color touch screen, mobile app via bluetooth, multi-function extensions, auto-lubrication, smart run, wi-fi, music, hi-fi speaker and many more

Landmark Series DC Motorised Treadmills

Landmark Series AC Motorised Treadmills